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Inhaler | Gig Review

Inhaler | Gig Review

Some people find the pedal extremities of their lower limbs unattractive or even repellent. These are people who have not seen FEET, the un-repellent Coventry-based 5-piece who opened tonight’s show at SWG3 with an energetic and entertaining set. Weaving a classic Britpop sound (think Pulp or Blur) with a faster post-punk thrash, a thread of funky bass and some great lyrics they create an unpredictable and colourful fabric with their show. All this is delivered with much high kicking and tom-foolery. Oli the bassist danced on Ben’s drum kit at one point and guitar players Harry and Callum got on each other’s shoulders while making their guitars shriek and whinny like Steve Vai with a strop on, and George leads from the front at the mic. They had the crowd bouncing by the third song – whatever they have is obviously catching. FEET are a group who look like they are having a blast. If you can carry off a rhyme like “weather” with “umbrella”, then write a song called “English Weather”, why don’t you?

While the stage was being readied for Inhaler we were treated to some late ‘70s synth-pop from Kraftwerk and Gary Numan, and I think I was one of about 3 people in the crowded hall who danced to those the first time round. When the DMAs “Time and Money” came on the younger element (everyone else!) sang along and you knew we were ready for the main event. For a young band with only a couple of years’ work behind them, they have a solid core following and the crowd were with them from the start of their opening tune “When I’m With You”. Next up was “It Won’t Always Be Like This”, and the crowd sang along lustily. Elijah Hewson (vocals and guitar) has a really strong voice and is a charismatic front man for the band. When he got down off the front of the stage during “We Have to Move On” there was a fair chance he’d get smuggled home by some of his more enamoured fans – brave man!

Although SWG3 is a good venue, with both the main hall and the bar hall (where this gig was) having a tremendous sound despite their industrial origins, it is quite a hike to get to and has nowhere to hide while you are queueing in Glasgow’s Wintery blast so it was great to see such a big crowd here on a Sunday night in February, and they did Glasgow proud. The dancing, bouncing around and moshing back a forward kept up for the whole gig and the Glasgow chorus were out in force. Particular crowd-pleasers were “It Won’t Always Be Like This”, “Ice Cream Sundae”, and “There’s No Other Place” which I thought epitomised their sound tonight – touring keyboard player Louis Lambert (quite well hidden by the smoke / lights setup) adding atmosphere, Robert Keating bashing out some big dirty bass, chiming guitar from Josh Jenkinson, and Ryan McMahon on drums pushing it along in waves while Elijah’s plaintive “tell me now” plea let him showcase the power and emotion in his voice. The show closing track “My Honest Face” is a proper belter – if you don’t know Inhaler and this review inspires you to listen to just one tune…