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Gigs in Scotland

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Event Info

King Tut's Wah Wah Hut
Support: Starbenders + Artio
Doors: 19:30
Age: 14+. Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult over 18.
Standard Sold Out

Death is an uncomfortable topic that most people avoid thinking about, but MOTHICA decides to dance with it. Vulnerably, she laments her personal battles with depression, addiction, suicidal ideation, processing her pain with lush soundscapes underpinned by funereal keys, heart-thumping hard rock guitars, and disarmingly catchy moments of pop catharsis. After amassing hundreds of millions of streams and earning acclaim from the likes of Billboard, MTV, Teen Vogue, Buzzfeed, Alt Press, and more, she dives deeper into her powerful story with an audio/visual experience for her third album, KISSING DEATH, released through her own imprint Heavy Heart Records partnering with Rise Records/BMG. “For my whole life, I’ve romanticized death,” she states. “In the back of my mind, suicide seemed like a natural and easy solution. When my thoughts get dark, I remind myself that we have an infinite amount of time to ‘not exist.’ For the small sliver I’m here, it’s important to soak up every second and make the most of it. It’s scary to surrender to the unknown, but it’s powerful to not give into my toxic vices anymore’.” Born in Oklahoma, she moved to Brooklyn, New York for art school, and is now based in Los Angeles. In 2015, she started independently releasing music, taking a full-on DIY approach utilizing her background as an illustrator and graphic designer to design her own merch and creative direct her music videos. Her story has unfolded across her first two albums, Blue Hour [2020], and NOCTURNAL [2022]. She emerges as the rare creative chameleon who jumps genres from electronic music, left-of-center pop, and recently exploring rock/metal influences, collaborating with Polyphia, Scene Queen and Papa Roach. Some career highlights include: her independently released “VICES” which skyrocketed to no. 2 on the Pop iTunes chart in 2020, her song “Buzzkill” about sexual assault with over 51 million Spotify streams and her rendition of Bring Me The Horizon’s “Can You Feel My Heart” is a crowd favorite with 25 million Spotify streams. In the last year, she toured North America and Europe with Coheed & Cambria and Halestorm, in addition to various festivals. Over the last two years, she assembled her most ambitious vision to date with KISSING DEATH, a visual album that tells an immersive story across 12 tracks and their accompanying music videos. “I decided to make the Grim Reaper a love interest in a dark rom-com-style tale,” she notes. “Throughout the visuals, I’m seen in a therapist's office explaining this complicated relationship as if describing a scorned lover. The videos unfold a surrealist version of my life story.” “I thought, ‘How do I cope with the fact I embrace life so much now that I have a fear of losing it?’ There’s a bit of dark humor, because I wanted to artistically portray what it’s like to live with this shadow following me.” She leaves off, “If you have struggled with depression, anxiety, or addiction, you can listen to this and maybe find pieces of your own story.”

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