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Gigs in Scotland

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When STONE began, the group weren’t sure of their new moniker. The maiden name of lead singer Finley Power’s mother, it nodded to both his leadership and autobiographical lyricism, while also making it clear that this was no self-centred solo project. Like them, it felt enigmatic and snappy, no-nonsense in its rough and ready connotation. But for guitarist Elliott Gill, there were some practicality considerations, a nervousness about hoisting their flag on such a bold mast.

“My primary concern was Google; what’s going to come up when people try to search for us?” he laughs. “What about Spotify, The Rolling Stones? But Fin just turned round and goes no, we’re going to be so big that we'll just break through it. And I was like, you know what? At this point, four years in, I believe ya.”

In this day and age, few bands are quite so honest about their insatiable ambition. But for STONE - lead singer Fin, guitarist Elliot, bassist Sarah Surrage and drummer Alex Smith – a career in music is less of a lucky happening and more of a calling, meticulously planned out since youth. All heavily invested in a range of different rock and hip-hop inspirations, Fin is their unapologetic driving force, the one who made them realise that it could all be within their grasp.